Thursday, 2 July 2009

The calm of Hout Bay

Well if this is winter in Hout Bay,I am staying put! This picture of Hout Bay YCs marina,shows what a wonderfull place we have here at the end of Africa,the marina is well serviced and has both water and electricity,we also have dustbins which are emptied on a regular basis.Of course its not calm like this all the time,but often enough to make is a worth while visit if your passing by.
Converions to U$ Dollers as of todays exchange rate of R8 to U$1.00
R 750 = U$ 94
R 850 = U$106
R 950 = U$119
R1150 = U$144

The above is as posted and subject to change and the marina rules which every visitor must sign his or her acceptance to.For specific information contact the Marina Manager,Peter Godley at or phone on 021 790-7095 (marina office line,fax and phone)

Rates? if your using external currency its probable that these prices will look very good to you and if you pre pay BEFORE October,you may just get our old rates by way of a discount,its worth asking when you lay your cash on the table!

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