Friday, 3 April 2009

Sigma Coatings epoxy etch primer coats the Hard Dodger

Note the two loop teak grab rails,these can be supplied as an extra,I am considering either painting them white or coating with a twin pack polyacrethane clear coating to try and remove the maintainace factor,single loop grab rails will be fitted on the back edge of the side panels.

Sigma Coatings etch primer,this is just one coat,more need to be applied,its a great surface to sand and does not clog the finishing paper at all.

This is a pre laminated five segment beam,once glued and screwed in place and epoxy fillet is applied all round,this adds some detail finish but also stiffens the aft edge of the roof as well,looks good too.

Its amazing what a nice spray job does to your plywood/epoxy works,as long as you did the preperation ok,not a great deal more is required prior to the top coats,which in this case will be International Paints 990 Interthane,a paint we have stayed with for over a decade now.

The addition of the rear laminated beam has done two things,its a great hand hold right across the cockpit,it will stop water dripping down too but it has also stiffened the entire roof up to the extent that its quite solid when you walk on it,this was always the idea of course.

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