Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Argie 10 is just the right size as a yachts tender

This is the very same dinghy,a client bought it and had the 130mm diameter float tubes made,he fitted them himself,this acts as a floatation,also as a fender and of course it keeps you drier,the boats more like a life boat now.

The Argie 10,its lighter than either a GRP dinghy or a rubber duck.

With the swing towards rubber ducks over the past decade or so,many folk have forgot what fun it is to row and sail,neither of which is any fun in a rubber duck,no out board,forget it!Rubber Duck plus Outboard equals a high cost,so why not save your cash and build one of our Argie 10 kits,its only going to cost you R6300,thats about U$635 ex our works.At 10 ft long (3.1 mtrs its a decent size to take four persons,it could have the bow cut off and make 9ft,thats only 2.75 mtrs long then,its light enough to carry on a small car with roof racks too.

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