Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Bob Perry,yacht designer,his schooner Jakatan


Eric Jespersen (the boats builder) and Bob Perry are now standing in the newly inverted (and wet) hull. Bob is in the future galley on port side. We are looking aft towards the companionway.

Jacatan profile picture.

When I did the report on the Bob Perry design named Orphan,I asked Bob if he could send me a better print out than I could manage with the Sailing magazine issue scan I had managed.Bob told me that the Orphan design was hand drawn and on paper and he could not send it to me by email but he gave me a few of his designs as an option.

Introducing the schooner Jakatan.


That entire rig is carbon fiber, gaffs and all. The gaffs have single halyards and work very well.

Yes, this boat could be strip planked or cold molded.

Bob P.

The boats owner says:

Jakatan was designed for the windy waters of San Francisco Bay, its home port. The name of the boat is derived from the names of my wife and two daughters, Janet, Kate, and Anne. Nineteenth century lore also said it was good luck to name a boat with seven letters and three A's so you see more than a few boats with that combination

Bob tells me the boat is 41 feet long,(13.2mtrs)its a composite build with an all carbon single control line rig,its easy to reef and its a pleasure for the Californian owner to sail.The boat is composite built but could be done in strip plank or cold molding,so CKD Boats could offer this boat as a kit.