Friday, 22 August 2008

Rufford Old Hall,North West England

Picture from the halls web site.

Photo taken by Charles Singleton (many thanks Charles)

picture by Graham Whitehead

Rufford Old Hall is really well named,it dates back to 1430 AD or thereabouts,there is a NEW hall too,constructed by one of the halls family,the Heskeths.The main part of the structure in this picture of the hall,is a single room,thats below the roof tower,to the back it is then double story and accessed via stairs,William Shakespeare is reputed to have performed in this lofty hall,not a single nail holds the structure together,its all Tree Nails,or wooden spikes.One of the treasures on display is a carving of a Briar Branch,done in Pear Wood and from a single piece,it was carved in 1830 by a local craftsman.Rufford Village is just north of Ormskirk and between the rivers Mersey and Ribble on Englands West Coast.

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