Sunday, 24 August 2008

Flicka sailboat by Bruce Bingham in a kit form

Flight of Years

Wind Drifter in Puerto Plath DR, photo by Rod Bradley

This was my reply to a client asking about a Flicka 20 sailboat kit.

Thanks for your valued enquiry to the Flicka design,this is not one of the designs we have as a kit right now but there is no reason why we can not develop and supply it as a kit.The plans are still available,I think they were U$130 or so,not expensive,we can easily cut hull shape formers from the lofting lines and supply you with those in marine ply and MDF,the hull skin will need to be done in strip plank/epoxy ,we can supply that in various woods such as meranti or kiri,meranti will need less GRP reinforcing.The transom would be a lamination,probably three skins of 6mm ply,we would supply a former jig to make that on,plus the epoxies and the rest of the materials.Please advise what you would like supplied,the plans will be from the designers office,Bruce Bingham.



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