Saturday, 12 June 2021

Now added to our kit production list, the Trika 540 trimaran

 The kit set has in fact just been packed into a plywood crate that will be steel band strapped for extra security on its way to the customer and by air freight. The crate is 2.55mtrs long x 77cms x 18cms and weights 70kgs.

Full details on this exciting design can be found at the Klaus Metz web site 

Metz Boats - Trika 540 Kayak-Trimaran

Each kit requires eight sheets of okoume marine plywood, it is six x 4mm , one x 9mm ( half sheet ) and one x 12mm thick.

Plans can be bought direct from the Trika 540 web site.

All of the boats hulls are CNC cut, including the hull skins and decks.

Please contact me for details on full and part kits prices with shipping.

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